pink runway patricia buonacore


“I’m walking the Pink Runway because I’m here and I can! The amazing support of my doctor and the caring Breast Center staff helped me face my fear and fight through it!”

pink runway amy fried


“I’m walking the Pink Runway to give people hope, turn lemons into lemonade, and let other women know that they, too, can make it though this and be okay.”

pink runway rosalyn gadson


“I’m walking the Pink Runway because I was blessed to be asked. You don’t know what you’re made of until you’re put to the test. Stay positive, surround yourself with positive people, and have faith.”

pink runway arlene garcia


“I’m walking the Pink Runway to tell all young women, mothers, and grandmothers to believe in yourself and you will win. I fight for my kids, they are my strength, always reminding me that there’s a rainbow at the end of the rain.”

pink runway ghislaine georges


“I’m walking the Pink Runway to celebrate life, raise awareness, and remind women with cancer that they are still beautiful. Pink is beautiful!”

pink runway ebony gourgue


“I’m walking the Pink Runway for my son, and to show other women that it’s possible to overcome hardships throughout life – I’m a living testament.”

pink runway lizzie gradinger


“I’m walking the Pink Runway to give back to Maimonides for the incredible support they gave me, and to show newly-diagnosed women that it gets better – you will get better!”

pink runway arlene garcia


“I’m walking the Pink Runway to have fun, give thanks, and show that cancer doesn’t define you. Don’t let it! Keep a smile on your lips and a prayer in your heart. You can beat it.”

pink runway larry jayson


“I’m walking the Pink Runway because men need to know that breast cancer can happen to them, too. Be aware and be proactive. I’m living proof that early detection makes all the difference.”


“I am walking to celebrate life. As a survivor, I walk to encourage and give hope to those just beginning their journey.”


“I’m walking the Pink Runway for all those who left us too soon, yet charted the path on which I stand today. Together we can make a difference. No one fights alone.”


“I’m walking the Pink Runway to represent younger women with metastatic disease. You can still thrive and live your life with a Stage IV diagnosis.”

pink runway tiffany tomasello


“I’m walking the Pink Runway to empower others. You were fabulous going into this ordeal and will be fabulous coming out of it. Everything between is only temporary, so stay strong! “